Sarah Jenkins MBIPDT MIACE, is a qualified Canine Behavioural Advisor and Trainer with over twenty years’ experience working with dogs.

Sarah started her career in March 2000 when she worked for the Lord Whiskey Animal Sanctuary as a Kennel Assistant. Her duties included the animal husbandry and welfare of all the rescue and boarding dogs within her care. Sarah, within a very short space of time, became the Head Kennel person and was then responsible for evaluating and assisting in the process of re-homing the rescue dogs at the sanctuary.

In March 2003, Sarah took the first step towards a new career with the Broadway Veterinary Centre as a Trainee Dog Trainer. This was the beginning of a long, but extremely enjoyable journey to becoming a Canine Behavioural Advisor and Trainer. Her duties included all of the administration and teaching on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Courses, observing and assisting in Behavioural Home Visits and conducting one-to-one training.

Her apprenticeship continued with acquisition of handling skills, in a practical role, working with as many different breeds of dog as possible.

In 2006, Sarah took the next step in her career and started working for an established dog training company as their Canine Development Officer. Her responsibilities included behavioural home visits, private one-to-one training and assisting with agility classes. Sarah was also the Head Trainer leading a team of volunteers teaching the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme courses. In 2007, the company diversified their business and began to offer a range of dog walking and pet sitting services. Sarah became the Managing Director of this arm of the company and was responsible for its day-to-day running, including dog walking, training, administration and being responsible for a team of employees.

Sarah has used all of these experiences to gain the knowledge required to receive her accreditation and became a Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, enabling her to start her own business - Jenkins Canine Services.

Julie and Billy

Working alongside Sarah is Julie Mount ABIPDT.

Julie has been working with Sarah for over five years and has recently qualified as an Associate Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. Sarah first met Julie as a client with her rescue Boxer dog, Billy, that was showing aggressive tendencies towards other dogs. Julie worked so hard following all of Sarah’s advice resulting in Billy becoming a happy, sociable and phenomenal dog. Billy became a demo dog on our training classes.

Working with Billy triggered a passion for dog training which lead to Julie volunteering on classes and then to her working with Sarah, assisting on home visits and training dogs on classes and by one to one. Sadly, Julie lost Billy, but her memory lives on with us all and she has even been given pride of place with a picture of her on all of the work vans.

Julie now has a Boxer puppy called Selly, that she is training to also become a demo dog on classes.

Also working alongside Sarah is a team of experienced, dedicated and reliable individuals. The team will always put the welfare and needs of your dog first. Whether you are joining one of our training classes or signing up to one of our dog walking programmes you will meet our team members along the way.
We also have a team of volunteers who will be at the training classes to assist you and your dog.