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We offer a range of services to cater for the individual needs of both dog and owner.

Training Classes:  The classes we run are all accredited by The Kennel Club and promote The Good Citizen Dog Scheme. This means that at the end of each Course, upon successful completion, you will receive your official recognition by way of certification from The Kennel Club.

We run four different classes – getting more advanced as they progress:

  • Foundation (puppy)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

These classes are all designed with the pet dog in mind, and taught in an enjoyable and fun manner. So if you have problems with your dog pulling on the lead, dog on dog aggression issues, or simply a new puppy which you would like to train and socialise, then why not book onto to one of our classes? We use an outdoor training arena with a secure off lead area and have a team of instructors to assist you.

Agility/Obedience Class: This is a fun way to train and stimulate your dog. We offer flexible, no commitment classes which you can fit in around your busy lifestyle. Come along and have a go – your dog will love it.

One to One Training:  We also offer various types of one to one training. Some people prefer this individual approach instead of the group scenario. It may be that you require a little extra help whilst you are on a training class. Certain behavioural problems displayed by dogs require re-directive training and the individual approach is the best way forward for the types of dogs that wouldn’t necessarily cope with a course.

Intensive Tailored Training Programme:  Intensive Training is something that benefits many owners and their dogs. A week’s consolidated training can have quick results ensuring a hugely improved standard of control.

The ITTP would be carried out by Sarah personally and assisted by her chief instructor Jo. It includes the daily collection and delivery of the dog. The training locations will be many and varied, ensuring that the dog will be happy to work anywhere. It will be based on the principles of reward based training and will encompass many elements of the GCDS courses as well as addressing any specific issues. Most importantly it will be fun for the dog.

As part of the ITTP package an initial assessment would be carried out to determine the behaviours that will need addressing by the individual training programme. Upon completion of the training a One to One session is included to not only showcase the dogs hugely improved behaviour but also  to demonstrate the techniques used to achieve this and give hints and tips to not only maintain this new level of control but to progress even further ensuring a happy partnership with dog and owner for the future.

"We first contacted Sarah when we truly believed that there was no hope for our 10 month old Cockapoo, Alfie.  Alfie kept biting and what he thought was playing, was not playing to us.  The children were scared of him and this was not the intention of having a dog we were considering giving him up, which was breaking our hearts.  We had taken Alfie to two lots of training and even though we had continued with the training, it didn’t have an effect on Alfie.

Sarah and Jo did a home visit and immediately could identify our problems, Alfie had no respect for anyone in our family and being very open plan downstairs, Sarah recommended that we put more stairgates in place for his Separation Anxiety.  This worked a treat.

Sarah and Jo took Alfie for a week intensive training.  On the first night home there was an immediate change, this gradually developed over the week.

Sarah and Jo showed Kev and I what he had learnt over the week on the Friday afternoon, Walking to heal, Walking off lead, recall.  This was amazing and had us both in tears, Alfie is not going anywhere and he’s with us to stay.  We are continuing with our training from Bronze to Gold and doing agility, we would also like to get him on the School bus once a week.

We cannot thank Sarah and Jo enough for their help, they have an amazing bond with Alfie and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

A final note, as I type this, Alfie is lying beside me chewing an Antler.  This would never have happened before, he would have been terrorising me as I wasn’t paying him constant attention."

Angela, Kev and Alfie Hunt

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