Ann Andrews & Fred and Fudge

We have two dogs – Fred (Kerry Blue Terrier 4 ½ years old) and Fudge (Fox Terrier – 2 ½ years old) – Sarah Jenkins (or “Auntie Sarah” as the dogs and we now know her) is probably their favourite person on the planet!! She has managed to train both of them at her well run but fun Kennel Club Accredited Behaviour Classses to Silver standard (no mean feat in either case!) and has also made me a more confident and capable dog owner (an even greater feat!)

In addition, since they were puppies, both dogs have had the fortune of the weekly day out on the “School Bus”. They are so well socialised with their doggy companions and enjoy a day of walks in new places but completely supervised and safe. This service is a life saver for me as I have a day to do all the things I need without the constraints of dog responsibilities, which in Freds case is a 24 hour a day one.

I have recommended Sarah to several of my friends and without exception they are as delighted with the service as I am. I cannot recommend Jenkins Canine Services highly enough – Sarah and her equally competent and dog loving staff are fantastic. Whether you have a new puppy, a rescue dog, an older dog or just need some help with caring and coping with the huge responsibility of being a “doggy parent” give her a call. It’ll be the best thing for you and your dog you ever do!