Sandra Wiltshire & Jess

I got Jess at 8 weeks old. We had managed to achieve the Puppy Foundation course with another trainer, however when commencing the Bronze course things changed into a nightmare!! Every lesson was a constant battle and I began to feel deflated as an owner, Jess was uncontrollable at all training sessions and certainly not a happy Boxer. We got to the point that I couldn’t let her off the lead as she was a nightmare to retrieve.

Lucky for us, a fellow Boxer owner locally suggested Sarah, as she had done wonders with there dogs.

Since joining Sarah’s classes and Jess has been going on the Walking Bus, I have a new improved Happy Bouncy Boxer. Her behaviour when off lead has dramatically improved and we achieved the Bronze Course with less aggression and defiance from Jess.

Jess is more relaxed and is currently enjoying the agility course, though I’m not so sure about me as I have trouble keeping up at times but enjoyable in the relaxed atmosphere amongst other owners. I am now confident that we can continue onto the Silver which is something I would not have even thought possible in the past.

My confidence and control of Jess has increased immensely with the assistance of Sarah’s team.

The result has been an overwhelmed Owner, Happy Jess with thanks to Jenkins Canine Services where every dog certainly matters.