Tracey Wainwright & Archie

I got Archie as an unwanted 10 month old Kerry Blue Terrier. He had been kept in a kennel and had not been socialised, which for Kerry Blues, can lead to dog aggression.I had tried two other trainers before coming to Sarah andwhilst one had helped with obedience, we never really made any great progress to change his behaviour with other dogs. He was really difficult to walk and if he saw another dog, I spent a lot of time hiding behind cars!

Since we have joined Sarah’s classes and Archie has been going out on the School Bus, I have a new and improved Archie! He still has the same bubbly personality, but the improvement in his behaviour around other dogs has been unbelievable.

As we continue with classes, my confidence continues to grow and walking Archie is now so much easier. He is now a less stressed and much happier dog.

I believe that Sarah’s Training and the School Bus have improved both Archie and my life.