Hannah and James Guy & Rocket and Truffles

We have two miniature schnauzer, they are both great characters and are cherished pets (Truffles & Rocket). Our youngest dog Rocket has always shown fear towards other dogs, Sarah and her team has changed Rockets ability to enjoy life! Since attending Jenkins Canine Services we have been able to let Rocket socialise with other dogs and enjoy walks with our dogs. Sarah has taught us so much, whilst having fun; I think the owners have just as much fun as the dog!

The real testimonial is that the fact both dogs love Sarah and the team, and are so excited when we attend training or they get picked up for their fun day on the school bus!

The school bus is great for Truffles and Rocket, they socialise with other dogs and we can go to work knowing they are in the safe hands of Sarah and her outstanding team. There are no other people we would trust our dogs with, and we know the team are all so caring and dedicated. Jenkins canines are not just another dog walking service; they work on training the dogs for a happier dog and owner!

What we love about Jenkins canine services is that you never feel embarrassed about your naughty dog, because Sarah is understanding and patient, she works with every owner and offers individual advice, and you can really see the benefits!

We would recommend Jenkins canine Services to all dog owners, as we have great fun with like-minded people and the dogs and the owners learn so much!

Hannah, James, Truffles and Rocket