Lesley Atkinson & Daisy

My golden lab., Daisy, and I think it was our lucky day when we bumped into Sarah by chance about a year ago. I’d only just got Daisy and although 4 years old, she lacked confidence. Sarah explained about her School Bus scheme and Daisy started ‘school’ a couple of weeks later. From then on, we’ve never looked back.

Daisy gets picked up at about 7:45am from home in Ramsgate and on a Tuesday (the day I am at my mum’s in Whitstable), she is dropped back there to me, late afternoon. If I alter my plans, Jenkins Canine Services are only too pleased to help me out.

Although, as Sarah put it, on Daisy’s first day “…the new girl Daisy is very shy…” she now has so much more confidence and loves meeting and playing with other dogs. She really looks forward to her days at school and when she goes off, I am happy in the knowledge that she is happy.

I like to think that Daisy goes off to school “clean and tidy” and she always comes home in the same state. I know that this is thanks to the many hours which have been spent after she’s rolled in a muddy puddle or dived into a dirty ditch – all great fun when you’re a lab!

I love Daisy to bits and wouldn’t let just anyone take her out for the day, but I know when she goes off to Jenkins Canine Services, she’ll be well and lovingly looked after and she’ll come home a bit hungry, quite tired, but very happy and contented ….. can you hear her snoring??