Tracy Twitchett & Misty and Foggy

Being IT contractors we have to travel to where the work is and for the last few years have been commuting to London from Birchington several days a week. Just before Christmas we seriously debated whether or not it would be fair to have a dog given our circumstances but decided that we would be able to offer enough love and excitement on the days that we were at home and so ended up with two bundles of fun in the form of two golden retriever puppies! Meet Misty and Foggy!!

Jenkins Canine Services, in particular (‘Aunty’) Sarah have been invaluable from the start. We started with a home visit from Sarah who offered us excellent advice on how to cope with the early days of house training and getting them used to us and their new environment. As soon as initial inoculations were over a place was found for them on the school bus which not only gave us peace of mind during the days we were away in London but also provided Misty and Foggy with lots of extra socialisation and recall training. Now at nine months old they still happily go off on the bus a couple of times a week. Not only is it excellent value for money, Sarah has also rescheduled the diary on many occasion to fit them in at short notice and has recently gone further to provide extra care on days when it has been exceptionally hot or if we were due to be home later than normal.

Not content with just this we are also signed up to training classes that Jenkins Canine Services run at weekends and have already successfully mastered the puppy foundation course and are part way through the bronze course. To us, the courses are more than just a certificate and a talking point at dinner parties, they are a way of ensuring that you and your dog are taught the difference between right and wrong for safety and wellbeing whilst at the same time having fun in the play sessions and pack walks (a particular favourite!).

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarah and Jenkins Canine Services, her whole team are friendly, professional and always helpful with good advice and suggestions. Misty and Foggy are growing up into fine young dogs (although we’re probably slightly biased!), who certainly aren’t without the odd cheeky moment but all in all make our lives happy and complete and for that we have a lot to thank Sarah and her team for.

M & F